Donating your devices to CACRC, a certified R2 & RIOS recycler, guarantees they will be responsibly recycled and given a second chance.  Proper recycling and refurbishment means that more computers will be offered to the families in our local community at a very low cost.  CACRC offers discounted prices to low-income families, seniors, veterans, first responders, and other Non-Profits and charitable organizations.

CACRC spearheaded a national hurricane relief effort following Hurricane Katrina and donated over 3,500 computers to families and businesses that were affected in the New Orleans area.  In 2020, through a grant partnership with BRAF, CACRC distributed 1400 computers to families following Louisiana’s shut down during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

With your help, it is our mission to keep access to technology affordable for everyone. Click below to donate to our efforts!

Or you can mail monetary gifts to:


1400 Main Street

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All gifts to CACRC are tax-deductible!  (Tax ID 72-1315510)

Repurpose Your Devices

Donating your devices to CACRC and having them properly recycled helps get refurbished computers into our community.


In addition to operating as a drop-off site for the local community, CACRC also picks up electronic materials throughout the Gulf Coast Region and hosts community recycling events. The CACRC reuses and recycles over 1,500 tons of electronic discards annually from government agencies, businesses, and individuals.

Disaster Relief

Following Hurricane Katrina, CACRC spearheaded a national hurricane relief effort and donated over 3,500 computers.

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