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Check out this great WAFB article and news video on "Enviro Heroes" of Baton Rouge.

"Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is by its very mission an Environmental Leader. It recycles old technology of all kinds: cell phones, computers, adding machines, you name it. Those items, refurbished and placed in needy hands do not go in a landfill. CACRC held 27 electronic recycling events during the last year. As a result, 152,711 pounds of electronic material was recycled!" - Secret Enviro Heroes Outted! by Donna Britt.





As an e-scrap refurbisher and recycler, the CACRC is dedicated to the safe management and environmentally-conscious recycling of e-scrap. We've made it our mission to push for the highest standards, and have attained this with recent certification through international standards set by the Responsible Recycling Practices program.

R2 is one of only two accredited certification standards that exist for electronics recyclers, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In implementing this ri gorous material management strategy, the CACRC is the only non-profit R2 certified recycler in Louisiana.

This title was achieved after nine months of adhering to industry standards set by the R2 program, which include:
• Prevention of pollution and emphasis on worker safety
• Data security safeguards
• Responsible management of potentially toxic material
• Reuse of working electronics

If you are interested in donating equipment or want more information, contact us at (225) 379-3577 or email us at recycle@cacrc.com.

Related Websites:

R2 Website: http://www.sustainableelectronics.org/

EPA Website, "Certification Programs for Electronic Recyclers": http://www.epa.gov/wastes/conserve/ materials/ecycling/certification.htm


Giving Back to the Community - Our Programs that You Support!

CLF - Computers for LA Families is a program that allows low income families with children to purchase computers configured with software at a very low cost. We have served thousands of families in the state. For many families this is the very first computer that they have been able to afford.

Non-profits - The CACRC provides computers to non-profits at a reduced cost and assists them in meeting their project goals.


Dropping off equipment? Visit our Drop Off FAQ!

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The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council is a non-profit located in Baton Rouge and designed to handle e-scrap by recycling and reuse. Old computers are refurbished and distributed to schools, non-profits, low income families, and to oil spill impacted organizations and individuals. In 2014 the CACRC recycled over 1200 tons of electronics. Click here to find out more information and make a donation.

recycle_icon The Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council has won its 6th straight (2009 - 2014) award from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's Environmental Leadership Program!